Not All Commercial Juicers Are Created Equal


By F. Gruner                                                                                                     Updated 11/5/2013

Table of Contents

Juicer Components
Juicer Versatility
Juice Quality

When looking to purchase a commerical juicer, a person can easily become confused as to what juicer they should choose. There are so many brands and models to choose from, and every single one of them claims to be the best. What exactly makes them the best though? Which one is going to give you the best performance for your money? There are three simple questions that you must ask before you can decide which juicer is the best.

What is the juicer machine made of?

This will have an impact on how long the juicer will last you. It makes no sense for you to spend lots of money on a product that will break on you in a short amount of time. You will want to keep away from commercial juicers that are made of plastic. It does not matter how tough the plastic seems to be. The motor inside the juicer will generate heat, and in time the heat will make the plastic become brittle and worn.

How versatile is the juicer?

You will want to choose a juicer that has the versatility to do many functions for you. A person's counter space is only so big, and by purchasing a versatile juicer you can save lots of counter space. It does not make any sense for a person to buy different machines to perform different functions for them. Instead, it is best to buy a versatile juicer that can do it all for you.

How good is the quality of the juice that is extracted?

When researching a certain juicer, you will want to find out what kind of impact it has on the quality of the juice that it extracts. You will want a juicer that retains large amounts of the nutrients. Those who use juicers are people who are concerned about their health. If they are not getting the nutrients that a healthy body needs, the whole process will be pointless.

If you want a commercial juicer that will last you a very long time, is versatile and produces nutritious juice, you will definitely want to check out the Omega 8006 juicer. It is made of heavy duty construction using the highest quality materials. There are many benefits that users of this juicer have over those who are using inferior products. Below we will list some of the major benefits and features of the Omega 8006 juicer.

1. The Omega brand is well known and has built a remarkable reputation for manufacturing quality products. Omega is well known for their blenders, food processors and juicers. The company has been around for a long time and is the number one choice for customers who are looking for efficient and reliable commercial capacity juicers.

2. Instead of just generating a lot of heat like some of the other juicers out in the market, the Omega 8006 juicer masticates food to preserve nutrients. This is very important in order for an individual to get all of the health benefits from their juice. The Omega 8006 features no heat build-up that will destroy nutrients that are heat sensitive. Your juice will be as healthy for you as possible.

3. If you are someone who likes to store your juice away for a while, then the Omega 8006 is perfect for you. Since all of the natural components have not been broken down by heat, the juice will have a longer shelf life. Anyone who is seriously concerned about their weight, health and general wellness will no doubt appreciate what this juicer can do for them.

4. No matter what type of food you need broken down into small pieces, the Omega 8006 juicer can do it for you. You can use the Omega 8006 as a vegetable juicer, fruit juicer or a wheat grass juicer. Mincing/chopping and grinding are just a few of the things that it can do to your foods. It can be used as a soy milk extruder and can even make frozen desserts or baby food. It is basically an all-around kitchen companion that has multiple uses. The best part is that is performs all of its functions to the highest standards.