Looking for Omega Juicer Parts?


By F. Gruner                                                                                                           Updated 11/7/13

The Omega juicer, a well-known product, has a wonderful official website which gives the owner the opportunity to shop for replacement parts without ever leaving home. Parts for all common Omega juices are available with point and click simplicity. Replacement parts are sold for all models that are currently being used worldwide.

Even more convenient is the fact that there are numerous other online options if Omega’s website is not stocking the part you need. Typically, when a part is readily accessible, it is listed with costs, descriptions, availability, and usually a picture of the part as well so you can gain a better understanding of the product you are selecting. When you need a replacement, there are a few common items you will be able to find.

Some of the Omega Juicer parts can become worn due to frequent use. This is not uncommon with any juicing product, and it can be remedied with basic parts. The main part that you need to keep your eye on is the juicing screen. This separates the pulp from the juice and eliminates unwanted floating or chunky pieces from your final product. There are actually fine and coarse screens that allow a different level of liquidity to your juice. This is strictly a preference choice for the user as it is not detrimental to the performance of the unit. Obviously, this part has to be washed after each use, so it is easy to tell when it has had enough. The screen is listed on the website currently for $26.00.

A second part to watch is your juicer’s drum cap. It can become cracked or have loose threads, but you can replace it with a brand new one for around ten to fifteen dollars. If your unit develops a visible leak, this part is usually the culprit.
Another part to watch is the large plastic component on top of Omega juicers called the hopper. Each model’s hopper varies, so it is important to know which model you have in order to purchase the correct replacement. This part does not take a great deal of wear or abuse from the juicer itself, so any damage it receives is user abuse. These juicers are made to last, but, as with everything, some parts are much less resilient than others.

A couple of other items that may need replacing are the plastic funnel on top of the unit and the internal drum that guides the fruit and vegetables from the spout down to the juicing area. The internal drum is usually only twenty to twenty-five dollars or so. There are various other exterior parts that have replacements listed on the website as well. Plungers and tops are there, but, more than likely, these items will never be on your wish list because their use is not conducive to wearing out or breaking. Of course, things do happen, and Omega Juicer parts of all sorts are available when you need them

If you are ready to start juicing with a newer model that has more bells and whistles, you might enjoy Omega’s latest juicing product, the Omega 8006 Juicer. The Omega 8006 Juicer uses a 2 HP motor and an 80 RPM processing rate. The power and speed of this juicer is a definite upgrade to most of the earlier models. With a slower processing rate, the juices remain cooler because the juicer does not become as heated. Also of great interest to the consumer is the 15 year warranty that gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you will have a reliable juicer for a long time to come.